Elderly Man Who Died Having Sex With Prostitute Picked Up By Paramedics With Woman “Still Attached”

Sex is dangerous. These days sex might lead to people being infected with the as of now incurable Zika virus. On other occasions it’s lead to the deaths of one adventurous couple copulating on a castle, another pair having some hot tub fun before their daughter’s wedding, and Matthew McConaughey’s dad. One old man joins the ranks of those going out with a bang, only paramedics found him with living evidence of the fact when they took his body with a woman attached to it.

The crazy story comes from China reportedly, with video of paramedics transporting the body reports Bro Bible. Posted on Live Leak the video shows spectators surrounding the area when the old man is removed from his house in a gurney with a woman on top of him covered by a sheet. No information on the man has been released so who knows how “old” he really was and how anyone knew the woman was a prostitute anyway.

Some like the U.K.’s Mirror have speculated this was an unfortunate case of “penis captivus.” Sounding as scary as the mythologized vagina dentata (vagina with teeth) the Mirror describes “penis captivus” as when “the muscles lining the vagina contract—most often during orgasm—and clamp down on the penis.” It only lasts momentarily.

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