Russian Man Resurrects in Morgue After He Drops Dead Drinking, Then Continues to Drink

Talk about a second wind. A rally to end all rallies. In one of the last crazy stories of 2015 a Russian man out drinking with his friends is declared dead, resurrects at the morgue, and then joins his friends for another drink. The story is just about as wild as the one about a dead teen whose tomb was destroyed after her family heard banging coming from the coffin.

The soon-to-be legendary (if true) story was skeptically reported by Mashable writing it was “next to impossible to verify” after picking it up from Russian newspaper Khasanskiye Vesti on Tuesday. The story goes as follows. The Russian man was drinking with his friends when he “dropped dead” according to the paper and was taken to the morgue by paramedics once his friends called the police. From there Detective Alexey Stoev says the man “resurrected.” Still drunk the man woke up confused in the “dark” and “cold” room, finding a corpse nearby sending him running for the door. After realizing it was locked the man reportedly banged on it, getting the attention of a female morgue employee who was so scared she called police instead of opening. When police came they found the man and released him.

The traumatic event called for a drink and the man decided to return to his friends. Khasanskiye Vesti reported one of his friends fainted when he saw him in the flesh.

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