Mets Eat 103 Cheesesteaks in Disgusting 10-Hour Period

The New York Mets set a new record for sports gluttony earlier this season, consuming 103 Philly cheesesteaks in a grease-soaked, 10-hour period in Philadelphia on April 30. The previous record was somewhere in the 80s.

There’s a leaderboard in the dining room of the visitor’s clubhouse at Citizens Bank Park, according to, where teams can track their cheese steak intake. The Mets broke the record this April while waiting out a rain delay, planning ahead to wolf down two cheesesteaks per person. Visiting teams are welcome to as many as they want. They count toward the record provided they are eaten after arriving to the ballpark and between batting practice, between batting practice and the game, and an hour after the game. Players aren’t allowed to eat them during game action or BP, because that would just be ridiculous.

Some of the heavier members of the organization did more than their share. Mets bullpen catcher Eric Langill (pictured) recently proved himself to be the king of cheesesteaks, eating 17 in a three-game series from April 8 to April 10. He broke the previous record of 14, held by fellow bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello.

“It’s torture,” Langill told “It’s not fun. But at least you’re on the there.”

Not to be outdone, Racaniello finished 7 1/2 cheesesteaks in a single day, “waking up the next morning with a face puffy from all the sodium he had consumed.”

Your move, Josh Beckett.


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