Mom Tries to Sell Baby Online for $346

Babies: priceless—or actually, maybe just under $500? According to one mother, the price of a baby is a smooth $346.

A mother pleaded guilty in a South African court on Monday to having tried to sell her baby online for 5,000 rand, or $346 USD. “I admit that my actions were wrongful, unlawful and intentional. I have no defense,” the 20-year-old woman was quoted as saying by News24.

Police said the woman was arrested this fall after a tip came in from a member of the public who said that a baby was being sold on the website Gumtree. WTF is Gumtree? She was freed on bail and placed under house arrest. Sentencing will be carried out on Feb. 29 at the Magistrates Court in the eastern town of Pietermaritzburg. Sure.

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