Woman Allegedly Duct Taped Her Dog’s Mouth Shut To Stop Barking, Posted Picture to Facebook

Normally when people share dog photos on social media, the Internet becomes a much happier place. Florida resident Katie Brown didn’t get that memo. The Internet went haywire today after she claimed to have duct taped her dog’s mouth shut and posted a photo on Facebook.

Brown allegedly duct taped her pup’s mouth so she wouldn’t have to hear her dog barking anymore. She shared the photo on Facebook on Friday morning with a caption that read, “This is what happens when you don’t shut up!!!”

The photo has been shared more than 300,000 times and people have expressed their outrage in the comment section of the image. Brown tried defending her post by saying, “Really people…. Some dogs need a muzzle so they don’t bite someones [sic] child!” And while protecting a child from a dog is understandable, there is a difference between a muzzle and duct tape. (Also she claimed the dog was barking, not biting.)

Brown followed up her post by adding, “Don’t panic everyone it was only for a minute but hasnt [sic] barked since… POINT MADE!!!”

The City of Daytona released a statement on Facebook about Brown’s incident after receiving numerous calls:

We are still receiving a lot of calls through our police number regarding the Facebook animal cruelty posting by an individual. These are all going to dispatch, which potentially means the emergency number is being tied up. Please everyone understand that this is being handled. Your concern is welcome, but we do not want to tie up our emergency dispatch services.

Police are investigating the incident. According to the Daily News, Brown took the photo while they were out-of-town for the Thanksgiving holiday and law enforcement will be contacting Brown once she returns home.

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