Drunk Georgia Freshman Blacks Out, Falls out of 9th Floor Dorm Window

A drunken freshman at the University of Georgia almost didn’t get to live to get his freshman 15 after falling out of a dorm room window on a 9th floor. He should’ve heeded Travi$ Scott’s advice. 

The unidentified student was reportedly so trashed that he didn’t remember the almost life ending accident. According to a freshman dorm mate, Justin Boyd, no one was actually around to say what really happened. He told the Athens Banner-Herald he and others concluded what had happened based on a series of clues they discovered the next morning. That and the fact that the student, who slept on a futon at the party, woke up the next morning at about 10 a.m. barely able to move, sporting a black eye.

“He couldn’t remember anything,” said Boyd, “so we just started putting everything together like the screen kicked out and one of his shoes down there, and his pants were ripped and his sock was dirty. We think what happened, based on that, is … sometime between 4 and 8 (a.m.) he wanted to get out of his room and just kicked out the (window) screen and fell or jumped.”

Boyd and other students told the student to go to the hospital. Campus police said he was treated for injuries “consistent with some type of fall.”

The Athens Banner-Herald reported a police statement which said this was the “second documented incident” for the student.

Three strikes and you’re out, bro—by out I mean dead. Don’t push your luck.

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