Hackers Expose Alleged KKK Members, and Their Garbage Memes

Anonymous appears to have kept good on its promise to reveal 1,000 names of alleged down low Ku Klux Klan members and affiliates of other white supremacist groups around the anniversary of the second Ferguson protests.

The thing is, after looking over the long list of names and Facebook profiles featured on #OpKKK, it seems pretty clear that most of these people weren’t really hiding. They’ve got everything from pro-Hitler poetry to KKK insignias to literal photographs of black men hanging from nooses on their public social media pages, and that’s just their background photos.

So don’t expect to see anyone particularly mind-blowing, like U.S. senators or police chiefs, but there are plenty of openly racist morons.

So there is bright side—if you love looking at depressing terrible Facebook photos of sad houses, beat-looking people and garbage ass memes that appear to be from the dial-up era. As Gawker points out, some of these are just hilariously bad.

You can see a lot more of them over at Gawker, and you can spend days torturing yourself with even more of them at the OpKKK page.

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